Double Track At Tertiary, Teacher Trainees In Limbo

   Many concerns have been aired on how tertiary schools(teacher training)are going to be ran. It is all yes yes and no no as the public share their sentiments .

There are new uncertainties that are arising since the double truck is yet to be implemented by government to be extended from senior high level to the tertiary level. This issue burdens students with fear and panic and they are full of uncertainty regarding their years in tertiary school. They really don’t know and cannot predict how the education system is going to be so long as double truck is yet to be effected . The news has ever since greatly generated great pandemonium among trainees since it has been their worry that double truck might impede their education.
Over two months now the central question has been”is double truck good for training schools” Double truck at senior high school level is fairly good but it will be a total annihilation to shrink the quality education.Inadequate school facilities at the tertiary level gives no hope that students can kick away this initiative since most schools like St Joseph’s College Of Education Bechem and many other schools are in need of more facilities to house students.
Double truck at tertiary means students are not going to spend enough with their tutors to undergo studies. There is going to be what is popularly known as the Shift System which will also call for the introduction of E-leaning. E-learning we all know has never got any great positive impact on students due to its immeasurable challenges students battle with.These known challenges are still dangling without any critical attempt to restructure the whole implementation.
For students to stay home far too long, we are going to have most students being dullards.The dormant period which students will stay home without any effective studies will render students rusty, blunt and dafts to achieve and cannot maximum results in their academic endeavor.It will be more clear and obviously true that double truck cannever be at par with the current educational structure.Enough time with your teacher means more lessons are discussed therefore there will be a monumental increase in the performance of students.
Let us as a country develop positive attitude towards maintaining our facilities. I’m convincingly sure that the double truck will rather cause more harm to students.Personaly, I could not believe that could believe when I perused through the news . Restructure the abandoned buildings to provide more accomodations for students. If double truck is allowed to take effect, the abandoned structures will continually be abandoned and rejected. Say no to double truck.

Convid19 is real, stay vigilant
Name: Kwame Agyen Acheampong
School:St Joseph’s College Of Education Bechem


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