PRINCOF, Loose The Strings Of The Money

After the advent of convid19 , students were compelled to enjoy solitary for the situation was quite unbearable for a country like Ghana to overcome. Government in his own wisdom assembled his auxiliary to draft an instrumental approach to ease the financial burden on students and parents. The government therefore, among the citizenry was louded for such unprecedented measures. He was rated among the top-notch presidents across the world and here in Ghana as the most outstanding able leader.

The SLTF by the orders of the government was charged to mandatory disburse the allowance since students were undergoing an online studies hence there was the need to bequeath the allowance for students to be motivated to carry out their daily daily studies effectively.In the course of disbursing the allowance, a portion of the money was paid to the colleges of education as it has always been the means through the allowance is disbursed. The monthly remuneration for each teacher training is worth Gh400 and Gh200 is paid to the colleges from the Gh400 and that will be used for feeding. To seem more explanatory, students will have to take Gh200 as their motivation. Spare me this time to workout this calculation for better clarification.

Students were paid for four months allowance so 4×400=1600.
Students spent one month on campus hence 200 will be deducted from the 1600
1600-200=1400 in other words it is GH1400
Out of the GH1400 left, students have only been given GH800 which analytically students have GH600 to take from the coffers of PRINCOF. We are vehemently charging PRINCOF to pay the money for we never stayed on campus for three months for any feeding. Our worry has been the fact that PRINCOF feels reluctant to honor their duty to pay the money. The hue and cry has fallen on the death years of PRINCOF as we duly amalgate with one accord to petition PRINCOF.
The other side of the issue is how government has remained mute on this issue without petitioning PRINCOF to pay the money left. Is never our motive to spell out words to sabotage the incumbent government but it seems things are not what they must be. I’m pretty sure the government is seemingly not seeming to be very cantankerous to deal with. We cannot be bullied by PRINCOF to take away our money. Should any trivial issue happen in any of the University in Ghana, the media will mobilize in their numbers to follow strictly to investigate.Im not surprised at all to behold this behavior by the media because no exercutive member has his ward in any of the training schools.
Teacher trainees have lamented and bemoaned the actions of PRINCOF and they nearly embarked on demonstration through a matchpast in towns across every corridor of the nation. This approach never saw the light for students under U.C.C were beckoned to resume school to write their exams.. We have been very linient enough to amass the mob to demonstrate against PRINCOF for we never wish to tag them with corruption or any form of embezzlement. Their reputation we hold in high esteem and as such we entreat them to honor their duty diligently. We have long been the laughingstock by many and this problem has been a longstanding issue yet it keeps scaling higher and higher.We mean no harm to you PRINCOF so do us no harm in return.The government on many occasions has been good to students but sometimes he never seem to attend to the petty needs of students. To sabotage the government is never our ultimate intention just that we as students are reminding him our grievances. We have the nation on our pink tablet(heart)that we do not want to make any monumental mess to our dear nation so Honorable Education Minister this issue rest on your shoulders and you must find a way to curtail it. We are pleading for redress for this issue keeps unanswered and untackled.
The voice to voice the voiceless voice.

Name: Kwame Agyen Acheampong
School: At Joseph’s College of Education Bechem

Convid19 is real , be vigilant


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