Share Those Foodstuffs To Us- Angry Teacher Trainees To PRINCOF

Teacher trainees had the hope they were going to get a refund of their second semester allowance paid to the 46 public Colleges of Education by the government as part of their monthly due allowance.

In 2016, the then opposition party, NPP promised to restore the monthly allowance of teacher trainees if voted for. In fulfilling their promise, every teacher trainee is paid Gh¢ 400.00 monthly for a semester of which Gh¢198.00 is used as feeding for them.

Due to the novel pandemic, Covid-19, teacher trainees have took their second semester online. As a result, they were hoping for full payment of their allowance since they have not been on campus to be fed.

It seems all their hope came to a halt after receiving a message that are circulating on the various social media platforms. The message reads: “After a UCC Professional Board and PRINCOF meeting, Principal communicated to SRC through the SRC President of the college that, there would be a sit-down exam that would be conducted for level 200 students (i.e writing our end of semester exam on campus) and also that, the feeding component shouldn’t be given to students as decided by PRINCOF for the reason being that they had already purchased the food stuffs to begin with the semester before the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo announced that schools be closed down and for that matter suppliers has to be paid with the remainder of the allowance allocated for feeding.
We know your guesses are as much as ours and we would work to make sure that things suits our interests on both occasions. (FROM THE SRC SECRETARIAT)”

However, the teacher trainees are demanding that;

  1. If their principals are saying they have already spent their Gh¢400 on foodstuffs, then they should start sharing those foodstuffs to the various teacher trainees.
  2. They are not going to pay any fees in any form until they have been the other components of their allowance.



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