“E-zwich System Almost In Kaput”

Students of the various colleges wore the musk of “I am happy” as the competent government of Ghana honored them a convincing reply to their petitions on their allowances that had been in abeyance for over months. Indeed it was a great feeling to tell as the message dropped on my phone.

The most unfortunate thing that we never anticipated has really got dangling on our neck as a quatum of students cannot withdraw from the bank and even to load money on their cards. It is exactly two years when the commercial banks issued to us our E-zwich cards but hardly can we access it to withdraw the money being paid to us. Upon confirmation from the various commercial banks across the length and breath of the country, the news we gathered was the issue of cards for renewal being in scarcity. That was not the only challenge they communicated to us. It was very pathetic to have heard that E-zwich machines have been out of duty for some time. As for the timelag for how Long the machines have not been functioning,we never heard from them.

Students are therefore calling for machines and cards to be made available to the commercial banks to make way for students who have their cards expired to obtain new cards. Rumor states that the E-zwich cards are yet to be neglected by the various banks. Students are stranded and we don’t know what to do now. Is it because the banks are headed by incompetent board of governers or is a share ignorance of workers. A survey has been conducted on all the banks in Ghana and is so digusting that the commercial banks fall below the belt for their duties as workers is never encouraging to Ghanaians. We are seriously looking forward to seeing changes in their out put of work. Students want to withdraw their money and is a matter of urgency.It has been a week now since the payment of allowance by the government yet students have not been able to load either to withdraw. I don’t believe students will consider the payment of allowances as blessing in disguise if all these challenging issues are rectified.It is quite alarming that most of the commercial Banks in Ghana are complaining of faulty E-zwich machines. Let us develop positive attitude towards work.

The voice to voice the voice of the voiceless voice
“Stay calm and observe all protocols, Convid19 kills “

All that I’m putting across is the challenge we are facing as trainees with regards to withdrawal of allowance all because E-zwich machines are not working in most of the commercial Banks and even cards to replace the old ones are scarce.

By: Kwame Agyen Acheampong
St Joseph’s College Of Education Bechem


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  1. No easy oo. I got my message alright but there was no money on my card. Couldn’t tell if my card is faulty.

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