We Deserve Better- A Trainee Teacher Writes

My heart is of acrimonious entity, as teaching profession in Ghana has been demeaned to a level that, our benefits are sometimes wished to be deprived but not any other profession. How can one go through all these lengthy processes, though ours is not the lengthiest but then it is still worth to be addressed.

Teaching was never my dream not because it isn’t a suitable profession but the pandemonium about the profession. I’m not yet a teacher, I’m in the process of becoming a well mannered trained facilitator. I had a number of reasons to give up in this profession but had one reason to forgo of my minute faculty. What causes this, or it’s a natural thing. They initially said frontline workers and even keep saying it in spite of teachers returning to campus to teach their students to be educated in this crises( PANDEMIC) but we (citizens) can’t witness all what teachers too are doing for the progress of this nation. Not at all, or it’s a treason to go to college to become a teacher? We can’t compromise our future all because we chose to go for teaching. We have choices too. From the level of my intellectual absorption, I could verify that, teachers are ranked in the highest degree in most countries but sounds different here.

They said we are teachers so we should portray an exemplary life, forgoing our social life because, it might sound bad elsewhere, almost hypocrite life that most are living. We cogitate on our actions before they are done. Upon all these, we still don’t get what we deserve and even sometimes strive before the little is given. What a world!


I’m a teacher trainee but have witnessed a lot of teachers or tutors conferences and seminars. Apparently, it was appalling on their arrival. It was never attractive to be a teacher that moment till a friend clarified my thought I had about the profession. I wasn’t convinced fully but tried to cope with her words. We’ve had a survey and would like you to also check on that “WHY NONE IS HOPING TO GO TO COLLEGE“?

Indeed it’s such a mass hysteria and ought to be addressed.

EVALUATION: There must be a change.

SUGGESTIONS: College life should be transformed. Salaries after school too should be congenial.


This sentiment is mainly on behalf of student teachers..

Expository are welcomed.

Written by a trainee teacher: Akumi Emmanuel



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