Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) Why Are You Treating Us So Bad? – A Trainee Teacher Asks


So UCC is trying to tell trainees that writing exams online will not be effective so planning of sit-down exams right? But online lectures was effective enough to write sit-down exams?
Why planning of the sit-down exams?
is it because of the Gh400 examination fees?

Each student pays GH16 as TTAG dues every semester.
We have about 55200 students nationwide paying GH16 every semester.
16*55200=GH883200 every semester.

Why TTAG? Where did trainees go wrong? Is that dues not enough for you to fight for trainees welfare? Should we pay more?

TTAG where were you when 464 students nationwide were sacked for failing courses even some tutors don’t even understand the content of the course last year?
And students are pending to be sacked this year
All in the name of B.ED program…?

Do you know trainees are doing chew and pour to pass their exams with no experience? 1st class students in colleges of education are students who are chew and pour natives.

✡️Courses are being packed by UCC warehouse so what they do is opening to assign students to read courses I can’t describe its essence. You chew you pour you pass method.

🇬🇭Ghanaians don’t respect your products… (trained teachers) out there anymore.
You know why?, A head of a public basic school will not admit his biological child to that school but rather send the child to private school for SHS graduate to teach him/her… This is a big insult to TTAG products.
Lets all Bow in shame.
Will bring you more of this later

👉🏾Always fighting and thanking government on payments of allawance as if they wrote NPP manifesto in 2016.why, are you now ministry of allawance?
👉🏾Always drafting constitutions
👉🏾Always conducting executive elections
👉🏾Always conducting face of TTAG, face of…… Sector, miss TTAG, etc awwww trainees dues
👉🏾Always organizing leadership seminars….
👉🏾Congress upon congress.

👆🏼👆🏼 so are these your mission and visions for trainees ? Then am sorry nny3 de3 ehia nie.

I know TTAG is unshakable, unmovable as they say but we will shake and move you if you don’t get to your track and fight for trainees now..

TTAG Prove me wrong if you are doing something for trainees that I don’t know.

🙏🏽Please forward till something better happens to trainees.

▶️Trainees deserve better
▶️Teachers deserve better
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