” Stop The Wishy Washy, School Reopening Is Not A Catalyst To Spread Covid-19 “

Gumbling has set to anhilate the good quality education of the Ghanaian school child as greedy entice the vonerable citizen of Ghana with their unhealthy propaganda. I look much peturb when I hear the call of fake politicians on the Ghanaian child arousing their interest to lambast against quality political agenda geared towards restructuring our educational system to rebrand education in Ghana. The way and manner that the youth of today are grossely enguaged in an unacceptable political talks is getting more and more rampant. The mighty two parties in Ghana are tightly locked in a battle for supremacy hence will always cause stirs in the general public.

Veryly, the government upon standing authority to hold firm his decision on resumption of school at this critical moment is such an out classed vision. This might look a bit daisy as we are battling with this infectious pandemic. Thumbs up for the current administration for up holding competence at the highest apex. I really applaud you His Excellency Nana Akuffo. Adaptation to mitigate the spread of Corona has been the de facto of this article.

I am not pretty sure that there will or can be any convincing proof that reopening school is a catalyst for the spread of the deadly pandemic covid19 in Ghana. This an utter No-no . Why spreading false information to set our education in jeopardy.
Let me buffle your mind with these rhetorical questions.
Should WAEC call to order for students to write their exams now ,will parents exclude their wards from writing the exams?
Would students with the pandemic be brought home? How best will parents see to their well fare?
Should schools be closed down what will be the impact on students?

I am very much convinced about the way the government has managed the situation of students with and without the pandemic. The school is a more appropriate place to house our students in this crucial moment. If students who have contacted the pandemic are brought home ,it will be a total disaster for the nation as they will be roaming from house to house galloping from one area to another. If they were at home with the pandemic they might choose not to disclose it but rather, they will spread it as they cone close to their peers. It is safe enough to keep them in quarantine for parents can never have control over these students as they are brought home. How best were parents able to manage them when they were at home most especially those living in compound houses. Parents should rather see this a more blessing than the worse. Children troop to town roaming without observing any protocols all because parents have no time to check on them yet you preach for the closure of schools. PTA chairman got his chemistry wrong when he vividly pronounced the closure of schools for the infected students to cone home. Did he loose sight on the fact that parents do not have any isolation center for them. It is even another serious to those parents raising alarm for schools to be closed.

Do you know that students observe best the protocols in schools than they do at home. If West Africa Examination Council calls students back to school upon the realization that most of the West Africa countries have been free from the pandemic what will be parents decision?. Parents should not allowed their minds be bullied by petty minded politicians. They may set up their propaganda but you may be the tools to be deployed to accomplish their mission. Parents must be more cautious about their decision on the closure of schools . Parents are acting by the orders of political gurus for their wards to come home. Credible measures to stop the spread of this virus has been feasibily implemented to be ovserved in the schools. Keeping students on campus other than bringing them home is the best to be embraced. There may be increae in the number of unwanted pregnancy or teenage pregnancy when children do not get enough that will keep them safe, therefore they will have to depend on others for money.

Majority even have better accomodation than they get at home. A man of three children disclosed to me that he is more relieved that school has reopened since one of his sons will be going to school so that the other two children will share the single bed in the room. He retorted “should one contact the virus, the other two are at risk. We better learn to adopt ways to live with the pandemic otherwise, education shall be at a standstill. It will be a monumental threat to the nation should government adhere to call for closure of schools. If we are able to hold on with reopening over some time , students will be well equipped to take up their final exams. We are totally dismayed but that must rubbed of our mind otherwise we can’t make any dramatic change to move forward.

Now most parents can breath a sigh of relief as their daily cost for food has been drastically reduced unimaginably. Government has taken the task upon himself to bear their cost of living as the are enjoying refuge in school. There will definitely be a quadruple in the the pandemic cases in Ghana if we bring students home. Let’s learn to learn the adaptation policy for we can actively fight the pandemic.

Stay calm and observe all protocols”. Politics is a game not war , love your neighbor.

I dedicate this article to our lost soul “SILAS” A plea for justice for our dear brother.

Kwame Agyen Acheampong
St Joseph’s College Of Education Bechem



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