Don’t Let Politicians Use You For Political Violence – One College Chaplain Urges To TheYouth.

A student and Chaplain of St. Joseph’s College of Education Bechem, Master Boakye Bismark has urged the youths in Ghana to go all out and register massively to get their voter’s ID card and exercise their citizen’s right to elect leaders of their own choice.

He emphatically lamented that some youths think the pandemic is not real so they leave their life any how without adhering to the covid-19 protocols.

Prior to that, he advised the youths to adhere to all the protocols seriously since the pandemic is real as the President of Ghana will rightly say that we are not in normal times and even Juses Christ our Lord and Savior we look up unto passed through preventive protocols when King Herold was looking for him to kill.

Not withstanding, he advised Ghanaians especially the youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians through the ongoing voters registration exercise or the coming general election for political violence.

“Let us rise as youth for mother Ghana and say No to violence”, stated by Master Boakye in his conclusion remarks to the Youth.


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