One Of The Best Collegian Female Hall Presidents Celebrates Her Birthday

Birthdays are special days in the lives of all humankind and it celebrated ones in a year to mark the joys of being alive. It is on this note that we wish to inform you and the general public of Miss Freda Amankwaa’s birthday. She is a Level 200 student of St. Joseph’s College of Education, Bechem. She reads English and Ghanaian Language as a course. Also, she is the current Hall President for St. Elizabeth and has been one of the best top women in position since her administration. She is so caring, loving, kind-hearted and has a smiling face. She will be celebrating her birthday on Friday, July 17, 2020.

All dear ones near and afar are invited to join the celebrations.

Sponsored by BkS Closet Graphics (0544181723) & Master Benjamin Gyamfi (Freda’s best pal)


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